This virtual gallery is a space designed to display pieces of art of any scale and format. It allows us to see these pieces while touring the architecture.

The pavilion is inspired by the work of sculptors Jean Arp and Isamu Noguchi. It combines delicate curves and brutalist materiality in both a conceptual and formal exercise.

Large abstract sculptures are placed in the stony space of the entire pavilion, following the aesthetic principles that can be found in Japanese gardens, with elements inserted in the landscape that are confined and balanced by vegetation. In this case, it’s in a central impluvium with species that contrast with the surrounding monolithic architecture.

The application allows the user to explore the space and the works that compose it, such as in PC mode (first person) as in using a virtual reality headset, therefore being able to change the sound settings, moods, color balance, etc.

The observer can also obtain interactive information on the works, observe their materiality in detail, explore them from all their angles and understand the real dimensions without losing the notion of scale.

The exercise of this project consists mainly in exploring the real possibilities when representing virtual vegetation, which’s geometry is usually complex and difficult to work with, always being a weak aspect in these scenes.

The balance between the vegetation surface and the cold and hard geometry, carefully studied from the architecture that surrounds it, allows a correct performance of the application, both in real time and in virtual reality (VR).

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