“The Appartment” is an Application that shows an architecture and interior  project, designed by SecondaryBounce in early 2020, used as an example of how the app works. Its aim is ​​to explore technical and aesthetic aspects of architectural visualization and  a virtual way to interact with it.

Located in a non-existing building with an area of ​​900 m2, the apartment has three bedrooms, four bathrooms, a kitchen, a dining room, a laundry , a studio and a living room, fireplace and an interior patio.
In this application it’s possible to explore the architecture project and interact with different objects, materials and lighting through different visualization/display modes

FIRST PERSON: It allows the user to explore the space and directly interact with it using the classic keyboard and mouse controls.

VR: It is the recommended option, since it places the user within the space allowing experimentation, it allows the user to explore the space and interact with it using Virtual Reality glasses. It also allows the user to change the scale of the project, which is called MINIATURE MODE allowing the user to explore and interact with the project as if it was a mock-up.

AERIAL VIEW: It allows the user to explore and interact with the project by clicking a point to center the view and orbit over it.

CAMERA: This mode contains different cameras previously configured throughout the space, allowing the user to go back and forth between cameras, easily navigating the space with the option of activating an automatic mode.

VIDEO: In this mode, hosted animations, films and external documents can be added, depending on the project.

PHOTO: This mode allows the user to position himself anywhere in the space, adjust camera’s parameters and export, in real time, images that will be stored in a folder inside the computer.

Get free 3d  assets  SecondaryBounce books (textures + 3dmesh)

Download THE APPARTMENT app / / / explore the the space / / / collect the 7 books and get the code.

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