Revolt VR (by Six N. Five)

Project made to recreate the house of the film “The Revolt” by Six N. Five  in an interactive and VR mode.
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In this application created in Unreal Engine 4, you can experience the film “The Revolt” from inside in different ways : (1st Person, Virtual Reality, Aerial view, TouchScreen).

Ordinary, everyday objects are the ones who rebel in a high-class house. Hidden, invisible, concealed, they disrupt the harmony of the calculated interior design. A true class revolution takes place, where the underdogs rise up against a so-called perfection.


An empty, immaculate high-end residence. Every design object and piece of furniture occupies a specific, calculated space. Utility doesn’t seem to matter or take place, the form’s smoothness and perfection is everything. Everything is calm, perfect, the light embraces the space and its beautiful design. But there are other objects that escape that standard, that are of a different kind. Objects that inhabit every house, purely functional or that simply clash with the aesthetic pretension of the environment. Used and left aside, hidden, concealed, disguised, made invisible, as if they were shameful. These are the ones who break into the aseptic landscape and take it by storm. A blow worthy of a class struggle, where a useful minority rebels against pretension and sets out to tear down its symbols.

This short film generated a collection that has been released in the NFT space on March 29th 2021 in NiftyGateway ( ).

Composed by the 1/1 Main Film + 9x Rebels short films and 6x Characters. It had a massive repercussion and success that made the full collection sold out in just a matter of minutes.


Idea and Direction: Ezequiel Pini & Sebastian Baptista

Art Direction: Ezequiel Pini, Joan Garcia Pons
3D Design: Joan Garcia Pons, Ezequiel Pini, Joan Guasch, Secondary Bounce, Simon Kaëmpfer.

Visual storytelling: Sebastian Baptista
Animation & VFX: Nil Estany, Valery Polehenky, Sebastian Baptista &, João Lucas

Sound by Cypher featuring the music of Georgia
Editing by Lluis Murua

VR Experience: Secondary Bounce – Mauro Muñoz & Miguel Segovia
Selected furniture & Objects: Six N. Five Objects – Artur de Menezes & Ezequiel Pini

Press copy by Pedro Merlo
Thanks to Flor Clerico, Dai Ventrice, Paola Zanni and the team.

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