Mutus Meteora

Mutus Meteora

Welcome to the virtual gallery where you can explore the highlands, its architecture, discover works of art, collectibles, interact with a third-person character, and adjust the time of day. This project is an exploration on Secondary Bounce journey, and we are excited to have Shir Pakman as our special guest visual artist and immersed in the music of Javier Jaime.

Deeply entwined with the exploration of the subconscious and the unleashing of imagination through provocative imagery. The artworks evoke a dream-like ambiance, showcasing mystical scenes and imaginary landscapes that explore themes like personal transformation, alchemy, and esoteric knowledge seeking. The art encapsulates philosophical and spiritual ideas, striving to create a bridge between art and nature. The sculptures on display, with their organic and abstract shapes, mirror a deep fascination with natural beauty and the allure of various materials. Employing stone, metal, and wood, the creator’s vision is vividly brought to life.

We invite you to submerge yourself in this unique experience, where art and technology come together to create a captivating virtual world. Come and discover the lights and shadows of Mutus Meteora.

Mutus Meteora is a Ground-breaking fusion of art and gaming, offering an innovative experience where you explore an art gallery as though immersed in Top Down perspective. This project aims to bridge the perceived gap between these two domains, introducing Artists as creators and gamers as users to the world of fine digital art galleries with an engaging, playful twist. Experiencing a digital exhibition slightly different from the usual approach.

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